Naming the Site

LakeForestHills……..Topological features of the landscape or a more appropriate name for the community this blog will focus on?

Wikipedia (,_California) advises that:

“Folklore states that El Toro received its name over 100 years ago. Back when El Toro was farm country, there was allegedly a water well that many farmers used. A bull fell into the well and a sign was posted above the well stating, in Spanish, “The bull has fallen into the well.” Over time, part of the sign fell off, leaving only “The bull.” The railroads, whose tracks ran through the area, mistakenly thought the sign was the name of the town, and thus the area of El Toro was given its name. This information was produced from “The Old El Toro Reader” by George Osterman.”

“The city was created in 1991. Residents voted to name the city Lake Forest, after two expensive master planned residential communities, denying the longer claim to the territory by the community of El Toro.”

I recall that this was a big issue during the events leading up to the formation of the City. As many “El Toro” residents wanted to name the city “El Toro” in recognition of the area’s past.  In 2000, the city annexed the foothill communities of Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch.

To this day, I feel that residents still describe their respective communities as Lake Forest, Portola Hills or Foothill Ranch. Thus despite annexation, Lake Forest still commonly means the area South of the 241 Tollroad.

So, onto the naming of this site: The two master planned residential communities, from which the City gets its name, feature man-made lakes (the LAKE), and were partially built in mature stands of Eucalyptus Trees (the FOREST). In carrying the topography meme forward, one could add the two foothill communities that the City annexed in 2000: Portola Hills and Foothill Ranch (the HILLS) and get “Lake Forest Hills.”


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